Enjoying Time With A Beautiful Escort

  • komoaa
  • April 15, 2018
  • There was a Spanish tourist who was in London to take in the sights. After arriving in London he decided to go to a bar in London which was well renowned for hosting some beautiful escorts. After taking a few bottles, he began looking for a girl to take back to his hotel room. He finally spotted a beautiful and curvy brunette across the room. He walked over and started chatting with her. He ended up making a deal with this beautiful escort from Escorts in London and hired her. He was so nervous since he had never spent a night with an escort.

    As they were taking some drinks together, his palms were sweaty, and his heart was racing at the same time. Many questions kept on lingering in his mind, like whether he had picked the right girl. It was around midnight when they decided to get out of the club and head to the hotel. They took a cab to his nearby hotel to let the sexy fun begin.

    When they reached the room, they got right to it. They quickly stripped of their clothes and were ready to feel each other’s bodies. She pushed him down onto the bed and dropped to her knees to give him a blowjob. He had never had such an amazing blowjob in his life. It was like the escort knew exactly how he liked it. She then had him slide back on the bed and then climbed on top of him and rode his cock like a wild cowgirl. After she climaxed they switched positions and she laid on her back and spread her legs all the way back and wide so he could get deep inside of her. The next position they switched to was doggie style. He grabbed her juicy round ass and rammed his hard cock deep in her tight, wet pussy. They ended up making love the whole night, both climaxing over and over again.

    He didn’t realize when he hired her that he would have such an amazing time. She fulfilled every desire he had and more. He felt that it was definitely money well spent. This is because he received the services he desired and more. Consequently, he promised to go back to the same club to look for her when he revisits London.

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